Pictures from our trip to Costa Rica: Dec 27, 2010 - Jan 7, 2011

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11a. On our last day we went to the Jade museum 11b. Hear no evil; See no evil; Speak no evil 11c. We saw a lot of three-legged pots 11d. And some that did not have legs
11e. We learned how they made holes in the jade pieces and got to try the technique ourselves 11f. Notice how the teeth in both the skull and the pot have grooves 11g. A close up showing the grooved teeth 11h. They had these diaramas showing life before Columbus
11i. Another interesting pot 11j. I really liked this little guy - I think it's a flute! 11k. We did see some jade at the jade museum too 11l. After the museum, we had an hour to kill, so the boy amused themselves
11m. Marc took pictures 11n. I noticed this artwork inside the bank next door 11o. And this one outside the bank 11p. We decided to go to a nearby park
11q. Interestingly enough, gravity wasn't straight down there 11r. There was a tile mosic on an underpass nearby 11s. One thing I noticed about Costa Rica was the everpresent use of color 11t. Another example of color
11u. I don't know what this store sells 11v. The hotel had a butterfly inside 11w. And stained glass windows 11x. Goodbye Costa Rica! You are a very pretty country
11y. The End

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