Pictures from our trip to Costa Rica: Dec 27, 2010 - Jan 7, 2011

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10a. Got up early, went outside and saw this howler monkey right outside my cabin - They were all over the place 10b. You can clearly see the head plume on this jay 10c. I went down to the beach to check out the shorebirds and found this Wilson's plover 10d. And some willets
10e. There were a ton of sandpipers 10f. And some whimbrels 10g. I met a pig 10h. At the beach, we often saw brown pelicans flying low over the waves in a line
10i. After breakfast, I took the boys to meet the pig 10j. We didn't see a lot of squirrels in Costa Rica - In fact we saw more monkeys than squirrels 10k. This is a great blue heron 10l. Check out the tail on this squirrel cuckoo
10m. Another great kiskadee - we saw a lot of these in Costa Rica 10n. This marsh hawk flew into a tree not 50 feet from us

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