Pictures from our trip to Costa Rica: Dec 27, 2010 - Jan 7, 2011

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9a. The cabins were close to the beach but there was a mangrove swamp in between. There was a boardwalk over the swamp 9b. After breakfast we all went for a walk along the beach 9c. We saw this crab 9d. It was a gorgeous day!
9e. First we walked along the beach 9f. Happy faces! 9g. Then the boys put their feet in the water 9h. The waves were excellent
9i. Mom and I watched 9j. Marc got into the action 9k. It looked like so much fun that Mom and I came down 9l. Don't know what was so interesting down there
9m. We saw this very unusual helicopter 9n. All the rooms had hammocks on the porch 9o. I took this picture while lying in the hammock outside my room

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