Pictures from our trip to Costa Rica: Dec 27, 2010 - Jan 7, 2011

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5a. Jonathan and Benjamin at the Monteverde cloud forest 5b. An emerald toucanet 5c. Sex in the city - um - forest 5d. The bridge - you can also see how lush and green Monteverde is
5e. All of us on the bridge 5f. A black guan 5g. There were some very interesting plants 5h. And fungi
5i. A strangler fig - this is a fast-growing epiphyte that grows using another tree for support and often kills its host, which rots away, leaving a hollow core 5j. We saw a female resplendant quetzel 5k. Near the end of the walk, the weather cleared and we encountered some spider monkeys 5l. Benamin inside a strangler fig
5m. A violet sabrewing hummingbird 5m. A coppery-headed emerald hummingbird 5m. A green violet-ear hummingbird 5m. A green-crowned brilliant hummingbird
5m. A mountain-gem hummingbird (female) 5m. A purple-throated moutain-gem (male) 5m. Hummingbirds weren't the only things at the feeders. This is a bananaquit 5m. Jonthan took this fantastic shot of a green violet-ear hummingbird
5n. We made an unplanned stop at a sloth rescue, where we met Speedy 5o. Speedy is a very photogenic three-fingered sloth 5p. A less photogenic three-fingered sloth 5q. Jonthan took this very humorous picture of a two-fingered sloth
5r. A two-fingered sloth baby 5s. After lunch, we saw another blue-crowned motmot - very pretty 5t. We went ziplining and saw coatis at the zipline place 5u. Benjamin on the first (of 9) ziplines about to go out
5u. I went second 5u. Jonathan starts off 5u. Marc went last 5v. After the first zipline, we took a gondola to the next and then had to climb a to the top of a tower
5w. On some of the ziplines we went down in tandem. This is Jonathan and me (but you can only see my feet) 5x. Here are Benjamin and Marc setting up to go down in tandem 5y. A picture of me going down by myself. You can get an idea of how high up we were (VERY HIGH!) 5y. Jonathan coming in - you can't even see the forest floor
5z. Marc coming in by himself

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