Pictures from our trip to Costa Rica: Dec 27, 2010 - Jan 7, 2011

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4a Traveling to Monteverde we saw coatimundis on the side of the road 4b. And a howler monkey in a tree 4c. We traveled around 'Laguna de Arenal' to get from Arenal to Monteverde 4d. We saw a meadowlark
4e. And a blue-crowned motmot - a gorgeous bird 4f. We made the guide stop the van for this iguana - if we had only known how many we were going to see we wouldn't have bothered 4g. Our visit to the butterfly garden started with bugs other than butterflies 4h. Like tarantulas
4i. And scorpions (this one is a tailless scorpion) 4j. That's me holding the millipede 4k. And don't forget the legendary machaca - there's only one cure for a machaca bite! 4l. Our docent held these beetles near each other and you could hear them talking to each other
4m. A hercules beetle 4n. Butterfly pupae waiting to hatch 4o. Butterflies are way easier to photograph when they are pupae! This is a blue morpho 4p. A blue morpho with wings folded
4q. A glasswing butterfly 4r. Small postman butterfly 4s. Don't remember the name of this one 4t Don't remember the name of this guy either
4u. Bizarre plant 4v. The trip to the garden ended with a visit to a leafcutter ant nest 4w. The leafcutter ants used this branch to get from their nestbox to the forest without being stepped on 4x. There were lots of kiskadees at our hotel
4y. The day ended with a gorgeous sunset

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